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General Information

Cherokee Pioneer XJ
Dark Green
Bought it from a friend of mine's son. He installed a 3 inch lift consisting of blocks and home made spacers. Since the stock springs were shot, I installed a 4.5" Rusty's lift about 6 years ago. After the bushing wore out, replaced the arms with ones found around the shop.
1988 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer XJ (Dark Green)


You'll find lots of grease, mud, and other yukky stuff. Although I did replace the brake booster and master cylinder it came with for a newer Chrysler model from a newer XJ. But the improvement to braking was barely noticeable.
God awful ugly gold. Even thought the vehicle was made in the late 80's, the interior looks like something out of the 70's. I'd like to get a nice set of electric seats from a Grand Cherokee, rip out that ugly gold colored carpet, and replace with black rino lining. And then fab something in in which to mount the seats.
Chopped the fenders to make more room for the 31" BFG All Terrains. Have added several dents, and painted over scratches and rust spots with black spray paint.
It has a nice Pioneer with one speaker that still works. I replaced the speaker in the drivers side door, but it only worked for a few hours. I suspect an issue with the wire itself. I'll pull new wire when I get around to installing my new to me electric mirrors.
Replaced the 3 inch block and spacer system with a 4.5" Rustys. After 2 years in NY, it's definitely Rusty. The bushings were shot. I was unable to buy new bushings for the lower arms, so I bought new to me used arms with good poly bushings from Foothills 4x4. Couldn't find bushings for the e-bay upper arms, so Foothills made me a shim that allows it to work with stock TJ bushings
Wheel and Tire
I'm pretty sure the wheels are stock, but I'm running 31" BFG All Terrains.



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