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Grand Cherokee Limited
I bought this Jeep for $700 because a mechanic shop quoted this young woman $1,600 to replace the heater core. She knew absolutely nothing about cars they had also bypassed the hoses wrong so it was overheating on her quickly. I spent $60 on the heater core cut a small piece of metal that supported the glove box which was in all reality unnecessary. Then sit down pull the heater core right out. Took me a half hour. This Jeep has gotten me far and I love it it was wrecked recently. A friend of mine break checked me thinking he was funny and I crushed the whole front end in. I rebuilt it and now it looks amazing I love this Jeep 200,000 miles and it's still going strong!!! It's been stolen had the cats cut out of it I straight piped it myself I love this car more than anything. It's a soldier. Things go wrong with these cars but they're easy and inexpensive to fix there's hundreds of them at the junkyard


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