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  1. Electrical / Audio / Communication
    :whistle:Ullo all, Gremlins ahoy! The antenna grinds and doesn't go up or down, the motor is done it seems. Would like to disable it altogether for now, but obviously keeping the radio / sound system is useful. Is there a fuse for this thing? There's one for the radio but that kills everything...
  2. General Vehicle Forum
    Hello all, Looking for some insight on the 98 XJ. Have just engaged 4x4 to test it's all working, it climbs and does it's thing, but after switching back to 2 wheel standard drive, the idling is super rough... almost like it's going to stall. It doesn't stall, but feels like its gasping...
  3. Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    Hey there - I have just bought a 98 Cherokee classic, really happy with it - needs a little bit of external work but its minor. Im hoping that someone out there can provide a bit of information. Can you tell me if its possible to fit a pre-97 front bumper to a post 97 (new body) model? I...
1-3 of 3 Results