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2000 xj

  1. Serious Misfiring- Trouble shooting

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Technical Forum
    Ok guys so i just recently bought a 2000 xj that has 150k miles on it. On my way home from getting it it started to spit out three misfire codes. the p030 misfire ones. Misfire cylinder 1 &2 along with random misfire. It was a three hour drive and about halfway home the car would clearly misfire...
  2. Misfiring on 2 headache

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    I live in northern South Carolina and bought this poor xj from owners who didnt care for it and I'm picking up the slack. So far I've replaced the spark plugs, the lower radiator hose, recharged the ac, replaced the alternator, gotten a new battery, and bought two new fuel injectors. The...
  3. XJ overhead console

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    does anyone know if a 2000 XJ accepts a overhead console. I have been scouring the web for 2 weeks. if it does where can I find one
  4. overhead console and scan tool

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    I have been looking for a overhead console for my 2000 xj sport. also I have been thinking of getting a scan tool for reading error codes. any hints or comments on where to find these, brands, and opinions would be great. I had a issue with my temp gauge fluctuating between 210 and 110. I...
  5. tranny fluid

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    I'm trying to find info on how to change tranny fluid on my 2000 XJ automatic. I've done standard before. I have found some info but nothing clear. can someone break it down. I'm getting a hayns manual soon but wanna hear what you guys gotta say. p.s. thanks on the sea foam tip. I'm pretty...