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4wd conversion

  1. Converting a 2017 WJ 4x2 to a 4x4

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    I’ve got a 2017 WJ that is 2-wheel drive and I want to make it into a 4WD. I’ve read A LOT of posts on here and elsewhere that say it can be donbut it’s expensive, parts are hard to find, labor is inexpensive, etc All I want to know is: 1.) CAN it be done on a 2017 model? 2.) what’s the...
  2. Which Dana 30 for 4WD Conversion?

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    I was just going to grab a pre-'96 Dana 30 from the J/Y, but i just realized there is different versions of this axle. This is what i came up with so far... Off-Road Adventures Magazine Front Dana 30 Tips- If your XJ has the Dana 30 disconnect axle, there are two cures for the common vacuum...
  3. RE 3.5" front springs

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    Hi all! i just found a pair of RE 3.5" front coils on CL... the price is right. i am presently running a Pro Comp 3" spacer lift on my '95 4X2. i'm still gearing up for the 4WD conversion with a fresh Dana30. my question is, will losing the spacers and replacing the springs cause any geometry or...
  4. I'm new, i'm new... i don't know what to do!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello ya all. Thought i'd just drop-in and say hi... HI! I will need 249 more posts to get that really cool sticker, you know? My name is Jim and i recently bought a '95 2WD Cherokee Sport, 2door, 4.0L/ automatic. This Jeep is WAY tight, no rattles, pops, great body/rust free and totally...