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  1. Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    I live in northern South Carolina and bought this poor xj from owners who didnt care for it and I'm picking up the slack. So far I've replaced the spark plugs, the lower radiator hose, recharged the ac, replaced the alternator, gotten a new battery, and bought two new fuel injectors. The...
  2. General Discussion
    I'm the lucky new owner of a '96 Cherokee Sport. I have good reason to believe that everything is working as it should, but want to keep some choice spare parts around for easy access. Things like an alternator and distributor. I've been around the block with break downs and like to keep...
  3. Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    I have finally boughten my first jeep. its a 2000 cherokee sport. not a speck of rust but it does have 129,685 miles on it. with this kind of mileage what problems can I expect, whats up with this dim headlight thing I keep reading about and why is the electric windows a common problem.
1-3 of 3 Results