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  1. Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    Both my front doors sag from the top hinge. There 2 pins in there. One to keep the door held open at certain spots. The other is too allow it move smoothly and even. That pin/bushing?? Is loose. Anyone have that issue and made a repair or any good ideas. I have tools to do what needs to be done...
  2. General Jeep Cherokee Discussions
    Everytime I try to open any of my doors, I have to push REALLY hard on the button. Is there any fix for this? Or would I need to get new handles? I would love to one day eventually switch over to electronic locks
  3. Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    Hey everyone!! Need some help on this one. 89 xj front door hinge broke off of the chassis. I tried to just hit it with a quick tack weld to hold it till i could get into a body shop. when i tacked it i was off just enough for the door to sit off an inch at the most and is low hitting the...
1-3 of 3 Results