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engine noise

  1. XJ Engine Problems

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    A buddy of mine is a huge jeep fanatic, he built a CJ from the tub and totally restored it. Anyways he has about 4 or 5 different jeeps and he goes on the trails all the time. All this to say, he knows his way around a jeep. He traded me a stock XJ which he put a working engine in and the other...
  2. Need help diagnosing a problem in my Jeep??

    General Vehicle Forum
    I know this is a Cherokee group I have a 2003 Wrangler, I am not so much of a mechanic so I am hoping someone can still help me. I have been noticing almost like a chirping noise coming from my engine in between 20 mph and 80 mph. When i get under 20 i do not hear it anymore. I thought...