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    Hey guys - new here! Just purchased 2020 Limited X 5.7L and thinking about removing resonators. Thoughts welcome. Thanks!
  2. Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    My '98 stock XJ is running rough. Like, sad go-cart rough. The Problem: The engine has very little power, is slow to accelerate, has a 'puttering' sound like a go-cart, and smells like poorly burned gas. Steps I've taken so far: Replaced - Distributor, spark plugs, spar plug wires, both O2...
  3. Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    My entire exhaust system is SHOT!!! :brickwall: After noticing that my exhaust manifold has a major crack around it, (which i'm finding out, this is typical). And my CAT is so loud, i can barely hear my stereo, i've decided to replace EVERYTHING!!! Someone here turned me on to an awesome...
  4. Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    Hey. I have an easy question. I was crawling around under the Jeep a minute ago and noticed something interesting. Just below the collector flange on the exhaust was a huge dent in the downpipe. When I say huge, I mean the dent is reducing my 2 1/4" pipe down to like a 1" pipe!!! It almost looks...