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  1. Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    I have a 1991 Jeep Cherokee, and it makes a ticking noise that seems to get louder when the car is warmer. At over 1000 rpm, the noise gets slightly faster and goes away. I looked at the flexplate, and it is wobbling. The outer part moves about .5-1cm. I tried tightening the bolts with a 6-inch...
  2. Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    Hey guys. Just changed the flex plate on my 1998 xj classic. When i got the jeep back together it was hard to start, and once itd finally start to turn over, itd either stall or stumble on its face and then stall or run but have a terrible miss like its ready for nationals. The jeep has no power...
1-2 of 2 Results