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  1. 3" lift and 32's???

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    I just installed a 3" lift and am wondering how big, tire wise, I can go? The lift literature says 31" but I have heard rumblings of other guys stuffing in 32's. Anyone have an idea??? Keep in mind I haven't done any fender trimming and the tires will go on rough country black steel wheels 15...
  2. 1993 XJ Transfer/Transmission

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    I have a 1993 XJ :thumbsup: with a NP231 transfer case and automatic transmission. When I pull the 4x4 lever, I can only engage 4HI, and the lever wont even slide past the neutral position. I was told this could be the grommet/gears or the drivechain in the casing. Has anyone else had this...
  3. 32'' or 31''?

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    trying to decide what size tires to get... 32'' or 31'' my dad wants me to get the 31'' but i think i would enjoy the 32'' more. what are your opions? what size lift would each need for no cutting required. thanks
  4. Bad luck and backordered parts

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    im not superstitious or overly religious, but lately it seems the jeep gods are frowning upon me, in the last week : ive been pulled over for broken taillights, left my window down (got a damp seat now:devil: ), had 3 fuses blow, (one while driving to school this morning), locked myself out...
  5. Track Bar Replacement...

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    My 2WD Cherokee is due for a new Track Bar. I did a thread search, but didn't find the answers i'm looking for. I've got a 3" spacer lift. Will be installing a RE 3.5" Super-Flex kit later in the spring, when i do my 4WD conversion. Can i just 'get by' for now with a cheap ($70) replacement...
  6. quick lift question

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    1999 Stock Cherokee 4.0 automatic NP231. If I put 3" coil spacers and 3" blocks on the rear with I need to do anything else? Do I need longer sway bar links? Brake lines? Do I need to change the pinion angle. I am looking to just lift the jeep 3". I don't do much wheeling, I just want to get a...
  7. Long Arm kits for the Cherokee by Rough Country

    Vendor Showcase
    Rough Country expands its selection of XJ suspension lift kits with several new Long Arm options. The new kits are available in 4.5" and 6.5" configurations or as an upgrade to take your existing short arm kit to the next level. These trail ready kits were designed with great features that...
  8. RE 3.5 in lift

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    For those of you who have this lift do you run a spacer up front to level it out or did the leafs settle?
  9. homemade lift?

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    i got a 97 cherokee and want to run 33's without cutting any sheetmetal. i have made a lift for my ford truck and am running 46's on it sucessfully so im not scared of it coming apart. any ideas for a way to build a homemade lift? im new to jeeps and keep hearing about the "death wobble"? i...
  10. 2" Budget Boost for those on a budget

    For Sale
    I have some multi level shackles and Iron Rock spacers for Sale. Shackles can be for 1 1/2" or 2" of lift and the spacers are 2" (can be 1 1/2" if you remove the stock coil spring isolators) Asking $60 or best offer. Thanks Jim
  11. Just lifted cherokee

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    Hi I am new to this site and was wondering if i could get some help. I just lifted my cherokee 3.5 inches using the RE Superflex kit and i went to pull it out of the garage today and it felt like the drive shaft was hitting something i was couldnt even drive the thing it was so bad. What could...
  12. jeep lift?

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    hey i just gota 1990, and i wanna lift it i dont want anything massive but i don wanna high center or scrape, so whats a good size , thanks alot
  13. looking for help in indiana

    General Jeep Cherokee Discussion
    well i got this 3" lift kit sitting in my kitchen since about a week before x-mas, and the wife is tired off tripping over it so i guess ill put it on my XJ :D any ways i was thinking of throughing a little "lift party" and was wondering if any body near by wanted to come by and help me im not...