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  1. Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    so I just installed a 3 inch rustys lift kit on my 1994 Jeep Cherokee XJ, and when I first pulled out to test drive, immediately there was a thumping in the tcase/transmission. I have a manual, and I could feel the thumping on the shift stick. I initially thought it was a driveshaft vibe, but I...
  2. Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    So, my cherokee is all stock with the exception of the 32" BFGs that the previous owner had put on. The problem is that I have no upwards travel before rubbing my fenders. Going back to stock tires is simply out of the question. The only recourse I have is to put a 3" lift on it. So, I'm turning...
1-2 of 2 Results