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  1. General Discussion
    I'm the lucky new owner of a '96 Cherokee Sport. I have good reason to believe that everything is working as it should, but want to keep some choice spare parts around for easy access. Things like an alternator and distributor. I've been around the block with break downs and like to keep...
  2. Wanted
    Looking for a few interior pieces for a 1996 Jeep Cherokee . Colour doesn't matter. Let me know if you have them, and what you would like for them.....Thanks! P.S. We would have to arrange shipping to Canada (at least it's not Nigeria ;)) In order of pictures: Cargo cover bracket (holds the...
  3. For Sale
    Got a bunch of XJ things I want to get the hell out of my garage. Taking up to much space. Make me an offer. Rubicon Express sway bar discos from my 5.5 inch lift. They were bolted together by the previous owner who used it on-road only. SPOKEN FOR Bumper and corner lights from my '01...
1-3 of 3 Results