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  1. Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    So i have a 2002 jeep grand Cherokee overland 4.7 ho. For a while it's had an issue blowing through oil and smoking from exhaust. (usually a darker smoke) The other day 3 codes came on p0325 p0330 and p0051. Now it's shaking bad when I come to a stop but fine when moving. Went to pulled out of a...
  2. Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    Hey everyone, as you can see I'm new to the forum and will most likely have many stupid newbie questions:) and my name is Hybrid like my company Hybrid Industries... not the Prius :) anyways, my Cherokee has always been stock until recently. I installed my first lift kit a Rancho 3.5" kit I...
1-2 of 2 Results