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  1. Steering is getting Twitchy.

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    I think my front u-joints are going out. I just turned 180,000 today. My steering while turning sharply to left or right under low speeds makes my steering wheel sort of jerky/twitchy. Am I correct in my assumption or could it be a power steering pump or steering gearbox? I have also noticed...
  2. steering trouble?

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    I have a quick question, when I cut my wheel all the way and reverse (I think it happens when moving forward as well but I don't notice it much) it feels like my car slips over an ice patch. That's the only way I can describe it but at first I thought I was actually hitting a patch of ice in my...
  3. Steering gear box adjustment

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    So I have some play in my steering. SHould I start with tightening up my steering gear box or is it pretty much going to be my tie rod ends? Also, when I am not moving, if I turn the steering wheel quickly to both sides, I can faintly hear what I think sounds like a clinking sound. Any ideas...