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transfer case

  1. Transfer case not shifting out of 4wd easily.

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    Hello guys. Its been awhile since I have visited the site. I hope all the regular guys are doing well. Anyways, I have a little issue with the t-case. Np231. When I go to shift out of 4wd while cruising a few miles and hour, it doesn't always pop out of gear immediately. Sometimes it takes it a...
  2. transfer case and 4wd question

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    Okay guys, I know I might get some crap for asking this, but why in the world can't our 4wd be kept on while on pavement? The stock front end doesn't have a locker so it should roll just like the rear axle does...right? I was thinking about making a stroker out of my tired 4.0 and taking the...
  3. 2WD to 4WD conversion

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    Hello again, Thanks for all the info on previous post! Just got back from 4Wheeling (in 2WD) and i've gotta say, WOW... Cherokee's rule! Granted, i stayed on the trails and used a little bit of sanity but, still that ride really went to some "nowhere" places. As in my last post, i won't be...