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  1. Transmission Fluid Change

    Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    Hey, guys. I'm Brad and I'm new here to the forum. I'm from middle Tennessee and have a '97 Cherokee Country with a Rusty's 3"lift. Just wanted to introduce myself before I started my question. My Jeep has about 170K miles on it and as far as I know the transmission fluid has NEVER been...
  2. 02 GC laredo Trans problem

    Jeep Grand Cherokee Technical Forum
    Hey Guys, My fiancee's GC has been having trans problems. It hasnt been shifting right. It would shift into 2nd when at about 3 grand then would be fine, now it wont shift at all, What to do/check? Thanks guys
  3. Hello from Canada. I've got a question.

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    I own a 1991 Cherokee Laredo. The clutch is tough to shift and the drivetrain is making noise. As I brake, in neutral, I hear noise coming from the tranny area that quietens when I am not in motion. The release bearing also stops making noise when I depress the clutch. I changed the rear diff...