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  1. Steering is getting Twitchy.

    Jeep Cherokee Stock Technical Forum
    I think my front u-joints are going out. I just turned 180,000 today. My steering while turning sharply to left or right under low speeds makes my steering wheel sort of jerky/twitchy. Am I correct in my assumption or could it be a power steering pump or steering gearbox? I have also noticed...
  2. How to change U-joints on a Dana 30

    Technical Articles
    Tools you are going to need: Jack Jack stands Lug-nut wrench Socket or Wrench to remove the caliper bolts. Either a 7mm Allen Socket on Early models or a 10mm for later ones. 13mm 12-pt socket or wrench 36mm Hub nut socket 8mm flare nut wrench Torque Wrench in the correct size drive for the hub...