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  1. Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    I have had a vibration on my jeep for about a month now and cant figure out what it is. It only happens when it is in reverse stopped or moving and there is a clunk of some kind when i start it and turn it off. I am completely puzzled by what it could be. Any ideas would be great cause i need to...
  2. Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    Hi I am new to this site and was wondering if i could get some help. I just lifted my cherokee 3.5 inches using the RE Superflex kit and i went to pull it out of the garage today and it felt like the drive shaft was hitting something i was couldnt even drive the thing it was so bad. What could...
  3. Jeep Cherokee Modified Technical Forum
    Hey everyone, as you can see I'm new to the forum and will most likely have many stupid newbie questions:) and my name is Hybrid like my company Hybrid Industries... not the Prius :) anyways, my Cherokee has always been stock until recently. I installed my first lift kit a Rancho 3.5" kit I...
1-3 of 3 Results