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'04 WJ Limited - No instrument Gauges, No Overhead Display

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About 2 weeks ago I installed a new stereo with Subs and amp. I was driving my '04 Grand Cherokee WJ yesterday and lost all gauges on the instrument cluster and over head display. Got the vehicle home and the next day the vehicle would not stay running. It would turn over and die after 2-3 seconds. After much research I thought it was either a bad SKIM unit or PCM. I ordered a new PCM and swapped it out. Car starts and stays running now.

However I still have no gauges or overhead display.

I have checked all the fuses both under the hood and under the driver side fuse panel. I have cleaned all battery connections. I have checked all stereo install connections. I hooked up my ODB reader and get no codes, at the same time when I try to read codes from the Engine/Tans I get an error.

Looking to see if anyone has any suggestion on where to start troubleshooting from this point.
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what engine
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