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Ok so I noticed that a few days ago my jeep started to diesel after turning it off. I check the timing and it is fine so I checked the forums and found it was a common problem but thought nothing of it. Then I drove the jeep about 60 miles ( all freeway ) and while I was in the fast lane I went to give it just a little bit more gas and it surged forward and so I thought I might be having a tranny problem ( it leaks a little out of the pan ) I thought ok its slipping cuz I havent checked the fluid in a few days and it might be low. So lurches forward and bogs out like it has no gas when I give it more throttle so I make it to my destination and I just get in the gate and it dies. Wont start or nothing so I towed it by the garage and opened the hood and started going through the motions its either no spark or no gas or no compression ( I did a compression check and it was all around 140 Psi ) so no gas or spark. I simply press the throttle for the carb and it gets plenty of gas and the fuel pump has good pressure. So i pull the plugs and they are really burnt with white deposites on the electrodes and everything so I check and see if I have spark. No spark then I look and noticed my battery ground cable was fryed because it was on the exhaust manifold. so I replaced that and got some spark now but it is weak. I replaced the spark plugs still weak... so then I checked the coil and both the primary and pick up coils are good according to the book (chilton) So then I checked the iginition control module and it was messed up so I replaced that along with a distributor cap and rotor and it still has a weak spark so Im kind of confused at this point besides just replacing the whole distributor. Has anyone had this same problem or one like it? By the way the 2.8L is carbed and doesnt have an ecu or cpk so it cant be those... please let me know if you have any ideas!? oh and the distributor is less than 15000 miles new.
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