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Here's the beater I bought for a new rig back at the beginning of April 08

Stock specs:

1988 Cherokee Laredo, 4.0, peugot 5 spreed trans., NP231 Transfer case, HP30 Disco front axle, D35 rear axle.

Winch, bumper and fender trim

RE 4.5" Superflex

Ready for the lift install and 1 quarter is done

HP44 is in

Ford 9" is in

Quarters are done "The Mega Trim"

4/29/08 Progress

Brake master cylinder and booster upgrade

5-27-08 LHC Maiden Run

In Moab 5/31/08

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Boatside Rockers

Gas tank skid

Shackle relocation done

I couldn't resist putting a little color on the sides :oops: :oops:


Replaced the RE lower control arms with some that I got from Tomken Machine

The bushings in the RE arms were getting worn out after 1 season, the one on the right was oil soaked so I'm not surprised it was worn, the other one was dry though

The Tomken ones have greasable neopreme bushings on the axle end and an RE style on the frame end, and I like the bend built into them, I'll see how they hold up.

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Don't know how I missed this one, but I like what you've done with it!

What is that HP44 out of?
Sorry I missed this question, it was out of a 78 F250 so it actually is referred to as a HD HP44 and it's a little different then a F150 HP44. I put F150 hubs on it. I found out after I built my own truss, that TnT now makes one that works on this slightly different housing. That would have been alot easier to use their truss.

Oh well!!

o wow/ i dont remember ever seeing what you did to your rockers. i like that.

Thanks Jake, the clearance I got out of them has definitely helped me get over some tough spots!!
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