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1992 XJ. Put in the repair shop after tons of parts replaced. I have been building a Jeep for over a year. Gears , lockers , lifted and painted.
Was ready to hit some trials until i put it under load after it was warmed up. Engine is missing very bad. Normal driving was great no issues at all. I have replaced....
Fuel pump
Plugs , wires
Entire Distributor
02 sensor
Temp sensor at manifold
Timing chain.
Like I posted its in the shop and they can't figure it out either.
I have put over 7k in this rig.
Please help.

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Normal driving is putting the engine under load, so under what conditions exactly does it start to run rough? Was all this going on before you replaced everything? Or did you decide to do all of that as PM? And has the shop installed all components? Can ypu tell if the engine is losing just one or two cylinders or are all of them causing misfire?

I would double check distributor timing, its really easy to mess that one up, yet there is a fool proof way to ensure that it is exact. I'll get ya more info in that later.

Check your injector connectors. The ev1 style are garbage. When I stroked my jeeps engine, I ended up getting ev6 24lb injectors, they are just what came with the kit, that came with adapters to ev1 and I found I had a misfire because of multiple bad connectors from the engine harness. So I spliced in ev6 connectors into my harness, no more misfire from that and adapters were eliminated.

I'd say the distributor timing is more likely to be off, the engine can run fine at idle, but as you run the rpms up you can feel the engine begin to stumble.
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