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1992 XJ. Put in the repair shop after tons of parts replaced. I have been building a Jeep for over a year. Gears , lockers , lifted and painted.
Was ready to hit some trials until i put it under load after it was warmed up. Engine is missing very bad. Normal driving was great no issues at all. I have replaced....
Fuel pump
Plugs , wires
Entire Distributor
02 sensor
Temp sensor at manifold
Timing chain.
Like I posted its in the shop and they can't figure it out either.
I have put over 7k in this rig.
Please help.

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Hi and welcome to the forum. You have thrown a lot of parts at it. Were they bad, or just wanted to replace them?
Start by checking all your grounds. Check also all the vacuum lines. Make sure they are not cracked, missing or plugged in wrong. Check compression, your timing may be off.
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