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1993 jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L 6cyl 4wd no check engine light cranks but no start.

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I bought my car used. At the time wbhen i started it it ran real loud and what id describe as "bubbly" and louder than i thought it should but it was a cheap car...and it was from my moms hubby at the time.. Last year i had to completely rebuild the transmission..tthe car gas been stolen vefore and recovered when previous owner had it. I dont have any other background than that really...when i turn car on and press on gas it hesitates.. i never got it looked at.. (stupid, i know) anyways more recently it has been hard to accelerate up hills on the freeway...etc its like i have to stomp on the pedal...Nd it seems like the min i put gas in i gotta put more in soon after...i drove it to the store and it drove there no sign of stalling. No sign of a rough idle. No sign of anything besides what it had been doing..i came out of the store an hour or two later and started the was idling really i turned it off for a few mins and tried again...crank but no start and again...crank but no start....i had to call a tow. As i am waiting i try again, more then ten mins later, Nd it starts right ran for about 7-8 mins and started roughly running i tried giving her gas and it seemed to make it worse and turns off. I was close to E on my gas tank so tow truck guy said he thinks im just out of gas but i had driven the car at a lower fuel level than it was at in the past. Anyways i get home put a half gallon in mind you it was reading just below the second line now after half gallon it is a lil above and it has been reading correctly since i got it. I put gas in try to start it does the same thing it did at the store. Even running a few secs and then turning off. I smell a lil gas outside but not in the cab..dont kniw if its from the spilled gas from using gas can or the fuel system on her. Im thinking it is the fuel pump.. i bought a gauge but someone wants me to check the cheaper part...fuel filter first....could it just be the alarm system?? Idk if my jeep still has one ..i have never heard it but i used to hhave original key and clicker but i lost both so i had a key made at Home Depot..
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My 95 zj has the filter on the frame rail. Auto shut down asd. Sounds like a cps to me sounds just like my 95 was just doing

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