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1996 grand cherokee limited hvac box firewall bolt pattern

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I have been watching you tube videos on how to pull hvac box to replace heater core and AC evaporator. All have been different years and 6 cylinders.
They all seemed to have 2 bolts behind engine, 2 more near where ac and heater hoses go in and 1 more towards fender. Mine is 5.2 v8 and has 1 bolt upper but no bolt lower just behind distributor. Am I right? Like to know before I tackle this. Thanks,JamulDoug
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If you have the high end HVAC control system there will be differences in the electrical connectors. Here are a couple of pictures of the bolt patterns:

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If you need copies of the FSM and Parts Catalog, here's a link to my drop box. The manuals wont be there forever, but at least the next several weeks... I urge everyone to have a copy.

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I highly recommend when you get ready to put it all back in there to put in the A/C leak dye before charging up the system and check for leaks. It is also a great excuse to get a manifold set, A/C line coupling tools, and a vacuum pump for A/C work....

Good luck.
I have a 5.2 V8 parts rig here. I can check the bolt pattern tomorrow
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Thanks for your quick replies and help. Noticed none of the evap relacements mentioned you should change drier? I'm getting kit from Rock with drier,orings and aluminum line with orfice tube. Do it right or do it over(y) Thx,JamulDoug 96 Limited5.2-06 Laredo3.7
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Never hurts to change the accumulator/drier. But if you haven't had a compressor failure or some such thing happen it is not necessary. If you do, you will also need to add some refrigerant oil since it accumulates in the drier
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