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On auction on Ebay motors now! 3 days remain.
It's a dream I tell you! This 1996 jeep cherokee SE sport xj 4 door wagon displays a deep blue color. The power comes from the inline 6cyl engine connected to the AX-15 manuel transmission. Made originally in Virginia in 06/1996 it stayed in Virginia until 2007 when the owner transported it to Guam where they stayed from 07 to 2009. In 09 it left the previous owner to go to PA. From 09-2020 this vehicle resided in Pennsylvania where it passed emissions and safety inspections every year. this vehicle has a PA inspection sticker until 09/21. I live in OH, so this vehicle has a clean Ohio title. This jeep is smooth around turns, power on demand, 4 wheel drive, comes with a spare tire, trailer hitch, newer exaust. You can have this xj going 75 mph and not even know. Everything works! The brakes are smooth, the transmission feels brand new, engine has a great tone, the power this has is phenominal. The notepad is how the previous owner kept gas mileage recorded on this jeep. Headlights, tail lights, turn signals all work. New repairs: Radiator, AC condenser, O2 sensor, Steering shock. This era of jeep cherokees are carved from a solid block of steel it will never quit running.
Walk around link: Jeepcherokee96_1.mp4
Driving video:

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Typically we don't allow for sale post until you have at least 25 post. It is a nice Jeep and the effort you put into is appreciated.
Hope you stick around.
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