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Hey all. Hope all is well. Looking for either a front passenger fender flare to replace missing one or all four in black for a 1999 classic. Also looking for all four black corner bumper ends for same vehicle.

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Saw your post.
Any color on the one for the front passenger now?
When you say or all 4 in black do you want painted to match in black?
In other words they would be the same color as a black Jeep.
Or the rubber/plastic looking ones that came on '97's (that would fit) or lower end models in all years?

As far as the bumper caps go I say buy new. Will be some cheap Chinese ones. Can get them at RockAuto.
I picked up a couple fronts used, knockoffs, in good shape and then bought the rears and a new valance.
From RockAuto. The terminology they use gets confusing when describing the finish.
I say these are what you would want.
CH1004126, CH1005126, CH1104139, and CH1105139 for the bumper caps.
This for the valance. CH1092112.
Got lucky and they did match the fronts.
Might get lucky and find everything you need used but will they be faded evenly, in usable shape, etc.

Do these hold up as well, talking about staying black, like Mopar ones? Highly doubtful but I keep mine ArmorAll'ed. LOL.

Couple things about these so you know.
There is some styrofoam in the fronts that you will swap over from yours.
The valance is riveted in. Comes off with drilling them out. And you can bolt on the new valance cause I did.
But I want to say that I might have bolted it on with the bumper off. Cause at one time had it off to install tow hooks.
So I can't say for sure can be done with the bumper on. I think so though. I would have to go look.
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