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Hi all,

I have a 2001 Jeep 2.5l TD 60th anniversary edition.

What's Happened:
  • Ran out of diesel
  • Left for a while
  • Flat battery, repeated attempts to jump start etc
  • Several different mechanics over 3 years tried and gave up
  • Diesel Fuel filter and housing / primer (In the engine bay on right with the plunger on top)
  • Refurbished the Mechanical High Pressure Fuel Pump (Timing was done when re installed)
  • Injectors have been bled however I am not sure how long ago this was
  • The mechanic shop gave up on it and its sat for best part of a year
I have been tasked with fixing it as it means a lot to the family. Unfortunately, I don't have diesel experience only petrol so please be kind aha.

Where we are at now:
  • Crank No Start condition
  • "No Bus message"
  • No gauges operating properly (battery voltage gage, Fuel level etc)
  • No coms from the PCM when using a Maxidas tablet loaned to me by a mechanic
  • No results from injector test light
  • 12v to the PCM appears good
  • PCM was sent to Flagship One in the USA for a repair as I concluded it was this. They tested the PCM and said it passed and that there was no faults with it. Which is not the result I was expecting...
Tests I did before sending the PCM off for testing:
  • I removed the CPS Sensor and the gauges did not start working like some suggested
  • Tested the CPS using a multi meter on Ohms and a YouTube video and as far as I could tell it appeared to be in the "ok" bracket but happy to check again if a test procedure is recommended.
  • Dashboard removed and connections checked... like new
  • Using pin out diagrams I checked Voltage supply to the PCM and the grounds, however i discovered that a lot of the wiring is daisy chained, i assumed this is due to the jeep having the ASD system.
  • Swapped the ASD with the Relay next to it that is the same and was recommended by many forum posts and YouTube videos
  • Bench tested the relays in the engine bay fuse box and they were all fine
This testing led me towards the PCM...
As its 2001 it has the skim / code matching PCM's so this made it a lot harder to just swap in and out like some suggested.
No one in the UK seemed to offer the repair and testing services so I sent to Flagship 1 and they confirmed that the PCM is functioning CORRECTLY.
This was returned to me and now I am left banging my head against a wall as I need to fix this.

Before all this happened, the jeep was an amazing car. Never let us down, multiple trips from the UK to France and pulled a few people out of trouble on the rare occasions we had snow...

I would really apricate any:
  • Help
  • Advice
  • Ideas
  • Tests
It means a lot to the family and currently it sits in the garage un loved
Additionally, there are very few in the UK Registered and working, especially in the condition that mines in.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my post
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