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2wd to 4wd conversion

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Just got a 2wd 95 jeep Cherokee country that's been started on conversion to 4x4. Has front end done under it. But not having any luck trying to figure out what year and models can be used to finish conversion. It has the 4.0l in it. Automatic transmission. It's been lifted "6inches" supposedly. Not sure how true that is. It's about the same height as our other XJ with a 4.5 under it.

Anybody know what year models and styles we can use to finish converting it to 4x4?
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Hello, welcome to the forum!

We need more info. What do you mean by the front end under it done?
95 was the last year for OBD I 96 started OBD II so as far as electronics go for engine and transmission, if the engine and trans are still 95 you gonna want to keep the electronics 92-95. I think. as far as the front axle goes late 90's with the NP 242 transfer case should have a High Pinion Dana 30 front axle. everything from the 2wd axle suspension is the same as a 4wd axle. control arms, shocks, brakes, steering, it's all the same. Transfer case and electronics vary among years. you will need the dash and console from a 4wd. all this is gonna depend on how much you want to spend and how much work you want.
They put a 4wd front end under it already. Bought it like it is. Just trying to figure out what transmission and t case and such will work to convert it. Didn't know if there was certain year models or body styles that will or won't work. Found some older model Cherokee stuff. Just trying to figure out what transmission, t case, etc we may need to look for.
1988 jeep comanche 4.0 4x4 is a donor we have found. Supports supposed to be about the same as a 1988 XJ. Just trying to make sure everything fits off it before we buy it and waste money on something that don't fit up right.
Do you know what gear ratio the diffs are. you need to make sure they are the same. check the link on my sig "Everything you ever wanted to know about an XJ" It gives a lot of details about the axles, gear ratios, trans and t-cases. Also the budget mods link has a lot of detail about the mechanicals. the 88 comanche is gonna have a vacuum disconnect front axle and a t-case to match. tranny lengths differ between manual and auto. as will front and rear drive shafts driveshafts.
Also I would like to see what your steering looks like. At 6" some builders make some dicey mods
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