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ok my question is this how do you think 35's will treat my jeep??

i have chrysler 8.25 out back, it will have either a lockright or aussie out back (christmas present)

and an LP D30 up front open

i have 6.5" lift cut fenders (so not worried about clearance)

3.55 gears (i only have to drive 4 miles to work)

let me hear your opinions/stories
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im guessing since you have a LP 30 that your 8.25" is a 29spline...

i thnk the 8.25 will be ok but i would worry about the LP 30, you should look into swaping in a HP 30 with 760 or 297 ujoints atleast... as far as the 3.55s go they will suck major butt offroad the 4 mile to and from work they will also suck but is only 4 miles
You can get by with it. I don't know if I would lock the rear though. As kman said, beef up the front axle for sure. With 35s, I would definitly recommend running at least 4.10 gears or even 4.56s.
My 5.13s are a bit low. But I'd dd mine if I only 4 miles to work. And didn't need a truck full of tools to get through each job....
stock gears will suck.
what is the difference in a lp 30 and a hp 30
LP stands for low pinion which means the pinion/yoke is below the center of the differential. HP stands for High Pinion pinion/yoke are above the center of the diff. the ring grear also rotates differntly it is easier for the ring and pinion in the HP to rotate so they break less
how do you tell which one you have
you have a HP all XJs have them until 2000 you can also look at the pinion if it high on the diff its a HP if its low its a LP... look at you 8.25 its a LP
no prob here to help when i can
ok so probably 33's then!!!! lol

35's will be a mother to turn off road??? right

i wanna regear but am a poor college kid right now lol
Im running 35'swith stock gears and there not any problems on or off road.
What yearis your xj i thank pre 97 the 8.25 were 27 spline and 97+ were 29.(not sure about the year)
With an automatic transmission the high (stock) gearing won't be a huge issue off-road. The main area where you'll notice them is on the road, particularly the highway.

As far as low pinion vs high pinion, yeah, high pinion is stronger, and if you can swap one out relatively cheaply I'd say go for it, but otherwise the low pinion 30 has proven itself plenty strong in the TJ world. IMHO the biggest issue with a low pinion 30 on an XJ is the potential for driveline vibs and/or caster issues with taller lifts.
thanks jason i am still not sure what i am doin yet it wont be until spring when i get tires anyway
and i have 29 spline 8.25 2001
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