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87 jeep Cherokee Laredo 5speed
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Hello! New here so forgive me if I’m not up to snuff yet. Curious and need as much info as I can get on rebuilding a 4.0 hi performance engine. I’ve built gobs of chevys from 283 to 454, few fords and a couple dodges. I rebuilt one 4.0 but friend wanted it back stock. I’m goin with 3:73 gears. Gonna have the head equipped with 2.02 1.64 if it’s able to take those. Was curious on cam size. Love a good lope but want off idle to 4500 or better. It will be carbed most likely a quad or edelbrock. I don’t care for opinions on edit vs carb I know what I know and I’m a carb guy. Always have and will be. I have a 5 speed tranny. Just got a donor with a H.O. 4.0 which I will be doin this to. They came out with 190hp and whatever torque but I know for a fact engines will and are capable of so much more than stock. Oh and I have hei. Anyway glad to be here and hope someone can point me. Not looking for drag numbers just 250 or better. Thanks in advance
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