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4L60 shifter cable setup

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Doing a LS1 conversion on my 1994 XJ. I want to keep the Jeep counsel and shifter if possible. Has anybody figured it out how to set it up? I donot want the Lokar approach.
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I got my shifter from Summit Racing. I can't remember if it was a Hurst or not, the handle is.
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Does that setup fit the shifter hole in tunnel? It it a cable or linkage. The transfer case blocks the stock cable support as it approaches the trans from rear not front like the the jeep setup.
Thanks for the response posting. Any other tips on the conversion?
It approaches from the rear. But since I put i an Atlas, I didn't experience any problem
The biggest challenge you will have is cooling. The XJ radiator is not up to it and in my opinion shaped wrong. I have the 4.3L V6, but am changing it out for the LS1. There is a video on Matts Off road when he solved his cooling problems. He swapped in the Toyota IFS steering box which sits outside the frame, then went with a 26X19" aftermarket radiator. Those can be gotten cheaply, and can cool up to 600 hp. To do it right you will have to alter the track bar by making it longer, but the stock track bar is under engineered anyway. The bell housing on the Chevy trans is bigger and will require you to do at least a 4.5" lift
Engines in, I a trying to reverse shift arm to top and make a mount for the stock shift cable. I
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Hoping the Novak radiator and fan setup will work.
Is that radiator plumbed for Chevy or a 4.0. The inlet and outlet are on opposite sides
I am using a "March" front drive setup, the radiator is a two pass, both in and out are on the passenger side.
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