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6 in a row does go.

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Hi all
Days ago 1974 Cherokee found me, needed much TLC and I agreed to the contract. I desired a vehicle w/ a lot of dry room for forestry tools, camping supplies, and a chunk of American iron with an engine and wheels/tires to bond with. Storage for about 6 years previous owner just did not have the time/$$$$ to do the Cherokee justice, so here we are.
Bone stock except the aluminum intake w/ 2 barrel Holly, electric radiator fan, first auto 1966 {1951 Plymouth 2 door post} and dozens more to have header exhaust. Scoots right along for being 2.25 tons. Everything leaks oil/fluids. Will live forever in the hills of Humboldt County Ca.
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Welcome to the forum. A 74 really? Forestry tools? I spent a lot of time in one when working for USFS, back in the day
Ah, ours was a white four door plain Jane. Gov vehicle was good old forest service green
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