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SO I beleve its a 95 could be older. I has front end damage. The radiator is pushed back, probably caved through by the fan. The quarters are not too bad... Bumper? what front bumper?

Anyway, I was thinking of pulling the radiator back out with a come along, have to anyway if I want the parts. I'm curious about the damage to the engine compartment as frankly the hood just buckled up from the radiator collapse.

I know it wouldn't run after the PO pegged a ditch. I'm betting the fan is stuck in the radiator so engine wouldn't turn.

What are the deathblows to the frame? Bent, cracked, etc.

IMO I would be better off just stealing the 4x4 and other parts, but I could get very lucky and have a nice trail rig.... So I was thinking of redoing the front clip with a nice Brush guard and some diamondplate if its salvageable.

What should I look for.
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