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I do.
When a '99 to '01 XJ has heated seats the switches go where the ashtray would be.
One of the options in an XJ is referred to as "Smoker's Group" option.
For instance in my Sport I do have the ashtray. But what I didn't have was the insert for cigarette butts.
There is even a little circle with a cigarette with a line through it that you can see when you open the lid.
Also I did she did not come with a cigarette lighter. The plug was there and it had a cover over it similar to a power plug.
At some point I sourced a cigarette lighter and the insert for the ashtray so....
But if the XJ came with the heated seats and also came with the "Smoker's Group" option that ashtray would most likely be there.
Also the part number for that is 5GK66LAZAA.
I was able to source one years ago and I did in anticipation of getting Factory heated seats in my '00 that did not come with them.
Also Mopar made very similar looking ones for other applications.
Sometimes when I see them I can see that the part number is different then an XJ one.
My point being while they look very similar I doubt they would fit in the cup holder.
And if you are looking for one of these just know exactly what you are buying.


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Ahhhhh, thank you, Ralph! As always, very helpful on the little things and quite knowledgeable!
I definitely have the correct one that fits the cupholder, but had no idea it was specifically for the XJs with heated seats. I suppose it’s a little redundant in mine since I already have the normal ashtray and no heated seats, but I saw one listed and I had to have it. Already popped it in, but neglected to take a picture of it. Figured it would make a nice little coin and chapstick holder! 🤣
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