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99 manifold

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ok, so I read on the other site, that a guy that is selling his xj did an intake manifold swat to a 99 manifold , he has a 92 I think, and nick posted that was a 40hp swapt,, is it really that good of a swap, whats the diferencess between those two manifolds and if its true will that swap work on my 95 too?
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I'm digging all the info up on this topic.(lost it with my last computer restore) Basically what it comes down to is 99 and newer intake is more "rounded" for flow. I'll have to find the write up for you guys to read. Out of cheep mods it's one of the best with large gains I've found...
nice, well as soon as you find that let us know
Yeah you also have to get the power steering pump assembly so it will fit properly..It should bolt right up.
Yeah you also have to get the power steering pump assembly so it will fit properly..It should bolt right up.
wait what, I need to change the PS for the manifold to fit?
If you goto the 99 manifold then it will not fit with the older powersteering pump brackets without grinding some off the manifold.. Easiest way is to swap out the bracket as well.

Here's a link to one of the write ups, you might have to sign up to read it.. It also has alot of good pics and info on this, with "real" dyno numbers..
wow thats cool, thanx for the write up,, sucks about needing to change the PS stuff, I could read it completely today, but what happen with the fan? and I believe he change some pistons, or heads or something..
It's been awhile since I read it, but it was the start of a long list of upgrades he made...
okok, so just for the manifold swap you need to change the pump stuff nothing else?
other q. how much grinding will it be for the mani to fit w/o changing the pump stuff..
Not sure I have yet to try this up grade, But I have heard wit the new bracket(found on donor rig) you can make your PS pump work....
yeah, but I dont find donors any easy here in PR so I would need to buy one, also not too easy to find in a JY so Ill try to not waste so many money,, I can just search real hard to find a manifold and grind it, and fit it in,, bc I like this mod
The reason for the new brackets is the newer manifold is smaller in space, you'd have to "build" a bracket not cut to make it work... You can also use a manifold from a TJ, WJ or XJ of '99 or newer..
ok so the mani is smaller in the outside and bigger inside the tubes,, ok,, so how it been smaller affect the PS braket
the pre-99 was more squared were as the 99 or newer is closer to a triangle, so on the newer one it needs a larger bracket..
See the flow on the newer one is better do to no 90* angles...
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