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Not a Cherokee or Grand but figure with this problem a Jeep's a Jeep and someone else may have experienced the same trouble.

My niece has a 2014 Compass that she absolutely needed a bluetooth radio put in and apparently an Ebay MyGIG wouldn't be good enough for her. Best buy installed a radio (not sure on the brand, I haven't looked at it yet) and within a week the battery started to drain (so says my sister). Replaced the battery since it was the original from the factory and probably getting there anyway, after a week the same results. Headlights and all dash indicators and accessories work with the key on, but just a single click from the starter when attempting to start. Going off of my old school knowledge I told her it sounds like a poor connection at the starter, but it's hard to say with all the linked up crap these days, especially in a Chrysler. I think maybe the ECM or BCM may be pissed the radio is gone. I have seen quite a few post scattered about that newer Chrysler and GMs don't like it when the radio is removed. Up to the point that is some GMs you have to piggy back the new radio to the factory one with a Y harness to keep the computer happy.

Before replacing the battery Best Buy looked at it and said all the connections are good and the install is right. I have not looked at it yet to check for any parasitic draws or if that particular model needs a module of some kind installed that wasn't in order for the ECM play nice with the radio.

Is anyone familiar with radio installs in newer Chryslers that can add some insight?

I told her the first thing I would do is put the old radio back in. Supposedly with a BB install they will swap back to the factory radio free of charge if you still have it and the original work order, but I'm sure I'll be the one doing it. She says she has it "somewhere". If they are unable to find it will a 2008 (non anti theft) RER work in it to test? I have a spare low speed bus unit here I could put in and let her suffer with.
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