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Did you all get to the PA Jeeps, All Breeds of Jeeps Show in York, Pa over this past weekend? It was an awesome event. Great obstacle course, swap meet, Jeep show, raffle (including 3 winches), tons of aftermarket vendors offering great discounts and give aways and tons of great people.
After the show, the United Four Wheel Drive Associations held it's Annual Meeting in York, PA. A lot of great stuff came out of this meeting.
Kyle from Rausch Creek spoke. That place has become unbelievable, and is still growing. The "Disney World" of OHV parks, as we heard mentioned this weekend, refering to an OHV park the Indiana DNR want to have constructed.

Did you know, it was members from the Middle Atlantic Four Wheel Drive Association that were responsible for that park coming into existance? Please get involved and support your local club and national association. It is time to turn the tide on something that belongs to all of us!
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