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And i Shall Call Her........

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She was born 5/96, I purchased her 5/13, my wife was born 5/67. Since they are all under the sign of Gemini, it was obvious.

Here are her stats:

1996 Cherokee classic. 86k Miles, I6 HO, AW4, Np242, D30/C8.25.

First change was tinting the windows.

Then the idiot lights had to go, here is the OEM dash with the mileage and the new one from the JY, Sad side note, The yard i picked up my goodies from closed about a month ago, :realmad:

and after the install

This also mandated the upgrading of the oil pressure and temp sensors.

My custom cupholder:

Custom windshield sticker: ( Mods can edit that out.

Rustoleum bedliner coated fuel tank:

JY hitch, also coated with Rustoleum Bedliner

My 4 dollar flea market fog lights:

custom hitch mounted 4" vice:

NOTE: The pics show carriage bolts holding down the vice, the first one i tightened down broke the mount, I then change to standard bolts.

And her giving a shot at FLEXING, WOOT WOOT:

I installed daystar front sway bar, and end link bushings. I also changed the front diff axle seals. The injectors were replaced with 703's but they leaked and i took them out and put the originals back in.

It started the dreaded "ticking" about 2 months after I got it. I pulled the valve cover, and checked for bad lifters. The rockers, lifters and rods all checked out, I had good oil pressure, but didn't like the noise. I pulled the distributor cap and found a wore out distributor, replaced it, the rotor, plugs and wires, and the tick was gone. she has been happy ever since.

I also coated the oil pan with Rustoleum bedliner, sorry no pics.

What do you guys think?? I'm not planning on turning her into an offroad beast, but would like about 3" of lift and at least some 31's.
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I am interested to see how those joints do. I like the fact that they are easy to rebuild. Are they kind of a cross between a Johnny joint and solid rubber bushing?
Gluck I'm liking the way your slider/rockers turned out. I am thinking of doing something similar after I can get some frame stiffeners for the middle. I have my eyes on these;
Yeah I like Tim's cross member. I have to say (we go wheeling together quit a bit) his rig is pretty cool. That thing is like a little tank.

I don't know why he doesn't get on here much. He has some great Ideas to share.
I bought my drop brackets (Rubicon Express) off craigslist, the guy was going to build a Mj and decided he wanted to change hobbies. Was getting ride of everything he accumulated. (I also bought a t-case with a SYE from him), it did not come with the brace support. I have mid stiffeners to weld in and then I plan on tackling making the brace to fit. I am very happy with the drop brackets. Not a bad alternative at all.
1 - 5 of 754 Posts
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