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anyone see this?

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Fireball sparks amazement in Canada
Meteor ranks among the top displays of the decade, expert says

Large meteor lands in Canada
Nov. 23: A dashboard camera captures images of a ball of flame streaking across the sky in the Canadian province of Edmonton, Alberta. It is believed to be of the largest meteor to hit the region in a decade, weighing as much as 10 tons.
Nightly News

Hildebrand said Friday that he received about 300 email reports from witnesses.

“It would be something like a billion-watt light bulb,” said Hildebrand, who also co-ordinates meteor sightings with the Canadian Space Agency.

Tammy Evans was wakened by her 10-year-old daughter who ran into the bedroom.

“She said there was a flash of light, the house shook twice and it sounded like dinosaurs were walking,” Evans said.

Hildebrand suspects it broke up into pieces and he plans to investigate around Macklin, Saskatchewan, near the Alberta border.

Rick Huziak, an amateur astronomer in Saskatoon, helped operate a camera on top of the University of Saskatchewan physics building that captured video of the meteor.

“It was quite spectacular. The ground lights up all over the place,” he said.

Martin Beech, an associate professor of astronomy at the University of Regina, said meteorites are valuable to learning about the history of the solar system.

“Picking up a meteorite is almost equivalent to doing a space exploration mission between Mars and Jupiter,” he said.
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That would scare the hell out of me...
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