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Anyone use Opera?

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Anyone use Opera? Just down loaded it. FF3.0 is giving me fits on a few web site so I'm looking for a new browser. Anyone know how to get my FF bookmarks in to Opera? Having a bit of a issue with that. So far seems very fast..
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I have used it before, I found that not all of the sites I visit supported opera.
I'll keep a eye out for that. So far it's alot smoother than FF 3.0 was and faster. I was just sick of FF issues...
What issues did you have? I havent had any since FF3.
Interesting, it must be a windows FF thing. My FF (mac) is flawless.
Might be cause I also run FF on Linux(second hard drive/dual boot) and it seems ok.
I think FF is probably geared towards linux/mac os as they dont really have a good browser for them as windows has IE (though I wouldnt argue that its good).
Well with only 3 hours under my belt I still have alot of reading and playing to do with it. Right now the only thing I miss is spell checker... :)
They dont have a spell check addon or anything?
Im sure there is an option/download somewhere.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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