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Attention Newbies!

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Welcome to CherokeeTalk!

I want every to see every newbie to post something ridiculous in this thread. Keep it tasteful, follow the forum rules. Ribbing by veterans may ensue if it's not ridiculous enough.

Aaaaaand... GO.
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Well, that took off like a rocket!
Do you realize, that between the 3 of us, we have over 15,000 post. and not 1 on this thread is from a newbie??
Give 'em a chance. they are probably still learning how this site works. took me awhile. ****, I'm still learning.
Hello, and Welcome.


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Im kinda diggin on this one :D


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Howdy, Welcome to the Forum.

No better place for all your 87 cherokee needs. :D

Lots of info on here. And,

Post some pics. We love pics!!!
Hi BigAl! Welcome to the forum.

I'm not old enough for Social Security and you are never too old to wheel!

Pics We love Pics.

Start a build thread. :thewave:
Hello and welcome
Hello Mike, and welcome to the forum.
Nice bumper, what brand?
Hello, and welcome to the forum. Glad you are OK. Lots of good info here. hang out for a while and enjoy the family!
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Hello and welcome. Start your own post in the new member introductions. what kind of info are you looking for?
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What are you viewing the website on?
Omg! What is the name of paint color on that?!

Tiny old peice of **** Samsung phone...
Lol. That may explain why it's hard to read the post.
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It is positive. 😁 we don't flame here. And ribbing is always an option. When you said tiny old Samsung. It made me think of the old Nokia's which were like Indestructible. Butt I get where you are coming from. It is hard to read this board on a cell phone. I use Google and the Cherokee talk website. Works pretty good for me. I'm also using an LG thinQ V40.
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Sorry to hear about your phone luck. We got some "middle of nowhere" members. Maybe they can chime in with some advice.
Only thing I can offer with the phone is, I have had good luck with Samsung, Motorola and most recently LG, although as you say LG is getting our of the business. Verizon is my carrier and has been OK by me. Not perfect, but I get a discount through my employer and they have local towers. Everyone has a horror story.
Loose connections at the gauge cluster gets my vote. Just unplugging them and reinserting them is usually all it takes. But its a pain in the butt to get it out,
If your windshield leaks and causes moisture in the dash, it can certainly increase the corrosion and cause issues.,
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