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Attention Newbies!

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Welcome to CherokeeTalk!

I want every to see every newbie to post something ridiculous in this thread. Keep it tasteful, follow the forum rules. Ribbing by veterans may ensue if it's not ridiculous enough.

Aaaaaand... GO.
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I'm a noob... Been lurking this site for several years, finally sat down and read XJSuperman's build thread and getting ready to start on my 2000 XJ I've had sitting around way too long.

That's the silly thing from me: letting my XJ sit without selling my dog on eBay to get it roadworthy. :brickwall:

I'll try to snap some pics and figure out how to add to my profile...
Working on pics, Rusty.

XJSuperman, I did read the entire post. I'll admit I had some time to kill, so I started reading it, then went off on a few tangents, (your trailer build thread, a few vendor links, YouTube how-to's, etc)

Took me an evening and a couple hours the next day, but I've learned a bit, and got some ideas on things I want to do to my XJ. It's completely stock from what I can tell, and has 109K miles. I've already sold the wife on the awning you have on yours.
1 - 2 of 135 Posts