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Attention Newbies!

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Welcome to CherokeeTalk!

I want every to see every newbie to post something ridiculous in this thread. Keep it tasteful, follow the forum rules. Ribbing by veterans may ensue if it's not ridiculous enough.

Aaaaaand... GO.
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Newbie here - I have a 99 Cherokee that I saved from being totaled - has 107K miles on it - I'm going to redo the interior upholstery in X-rated Victorian Damask Furniture Upholstery Fabric - what do you guys think? Let the ribbing commence...
Scottish, Irish, Norwegian, and Native American. Disabled Air Force Vet, Mother of 2 adult "children," ex-bartender, chief cook and bottle-washer. You can't scare me ;-) I will post pics in time. (I found this site on purpose - LOL)

It happens if I say so!:rofl:

"Breathe in with Mindfulness." - Thich Naht Hanh
Link to really cool fabric for my headliner

Howdy. Pics of said fabric? This is a forum full of good-natured ribbing, but we don't flame anyone too much. Though I myself have been known to go off the deep end every so often. Welcome aboard. Now post pics, brace yourself, and prepare to fire back!
Possibly one of these fabrics or I may print my own, haven't decided yet
100K miles on a 2006????

Hello, and Welcome.
Whoops I missed the link to the fabric.
Hemp Damask 1- small
Gets my vote.
yeah, there are several pages to scroll through - some really neat fabric on that site, or you can design your own and they'll print it!
1 - 5 of 135 Posts