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Too Old to GAS

Hey boys and girls! Newby here. I had to escape the political forums before I did something regrettable. Me? I’m 65, Stage 4 lung cancer survivor, never smoked. My goal was to take a good Cherokee and cut the back 1/3 roof, keeping the last cross piece. In no welder, so that’s that.

Rock crawling is stupid. It’s like owning a drag car. How much money can you spend on broke parts? Me?, I’m a sand crawler. My rig is totally designed for the coastal sands on North Carolina. If I break something, I gotta wait until my next social security check hits. Know what I mean?

Present project is a Jeeper Camper. I bought a project some kid started but when the baby came, he lost time and interest. His loss, my gain.
1 - 1 of 135 Posts