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AW4 rear seal replacement?

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The decision was made to "dig-in" to my transmission this weekend. I will be cleaning my Neutral Safety Switch and taking care of my NASTY leak at the rear seal. This project shouldn't be to difficult, as i don't have a Transfer Case to deal with, for now it's (2WD). I briefly breezed through my book and it seems very straight-forward.

I just figured that i'd ask a few questions about the rear seal replacement with you fine people, before i get started. Anyone still "fresh" on this task? Is there any "tricks" that you can suggest? How tough is it to get this seal out, and get it back in correctly? Any "special" tools that would be helpful?

Thanks... in advance for your support!!!:bow:
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Moved to the right section.
Moved to the right section.
:dunno: Where was i supposed to post? Come to think of it, i may have posted in Technical Articles be mistake. :confused:
It was posted in the Tech Articles section. We save that section for threads that are write-ups/how-to's/DIY etc. For anything that is a question, or doesn't have an explanation of how to do do something then it goes in the other various sections :cheers:
Popping the seal out is easy. A big screw driver will do it or you can buy a seal removal tool from sears for it. Putting it back in, do not hit it with a hammer. Put something between it and whatever you are tapping it in with. Tap it in evenly going all around it several times to get in all the way. Don't do anything to distort it or it will wear out quickly.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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