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bad turn signals

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Two questions:
The light below the headlight on my passenger side does not light up when the lights are on but it does blink when the turn signal is on. Anyone know what might be causing this? I installed a new header panel but i don't think i pinched any wires.
And vise versa on the driver side. The light below the headlight lights up but doesn't blink. When turned on the blinker goesfast. Any ideas?
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it means there's a switch/relay/wire from your marker lights (blinking ones) to the switch (where you turn your blinkers on) that isn't connected/faulty/bad/etc. If you can't find it have a friend who knows about car wiring to help. If all else fails bring it to a stealership...i heard they need our money bad atm.
haha. thanks brooks.
For future ref. all i did was change the bulbs under the headlights. simple as that. haha.
I was about to say those lights are dual filament, one for the running light and another for turn signal.
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