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Battery Drain, Door Illumination Won't Turn Off! Could This Be The Cause?

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Hi Folks. I wonder can you help. I have a Battery/Parasitic Drain & I think I have finally found the cause or one off the causes!

The Illumination on my door panel electronics buttons will not go off.

I thought I had it sorted realising the Steering Wheel Stalk has the cabin illumination strength on a twist dial. So I put it to Off hoping it worked! But unfortunately the door panels on both Drivers & Passengers sides stay on & not sure could the rear passenger doors be illuminated as well I have yet to look!!!

But I am now hoping I've found the issues causing the battery drain or again at least one of them.

Just to say even when I close my doors I can see the buttons illuminated. It's a subtle light but a light all the same & could be causing this drain.

Any advise on how to turn of the door panel illumination would be greatly apperciated.

Thank you all for your time!


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Sounds like a good candidate. Easiest way to find out would be to pull the fuse for what feeds it. No drain, then you know what it is. Then you would have to tackle the switch, which is probably dirty or stuck
Thanks for the pointer. I can barely tell the illumination is on during the day. So I'll tackle it at night & see what Fuse turns the lights off. I have to do some YT vids to learn how to use a multimeter properly. I just had a Fluke 376 FC which I know is a great clamp meter. But the old I needed funds came up & I sold it!

Anyways, thanks my friend, I'll try pulling the fuses & see how far I get.

Appreciate your time my friend. Cheers man!
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