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This one's being put on by BC JEEP CLUB boys and girls. All are welcome!

November 15th 2009 said:
Well, the plans have been made !

Lornix (Lorne) and myself aka Ken have sat around the fire, drank some wobbly pops and have come up with a plan for this years run.

Here's the plan....if your still reading this lol

We are going to head up West Harrison FSR and do some trails, some stocker friendly, some not but we both want all types of rigs and experience out there.

lornix will be leading the bone stockers/newbies through some really great trails for those who want to run mild stuff that is easily accomplished with stocker type rigs and I'll be leading some of the more advanced rigs through a couple of tougher trails for more of a challenge,

Stocker friendly runs will definitely include heading to Francis Lake, a slightly more challenging course will be offered if some of you can stand some scratching n stuff, also heading into Hale as well as possibly Wood Lake.

I'll be running some of the same however I'm wanting to expose some of the more built rigs/more experienced drivers through tougher trails, like one with a big rock at the start comes to mind.......

Should be a fun day and what is needed is simply donations of toys for the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau. Cash donations also accepted but the need is for toys, the usual rules apply, unwrapped and appropriate for children, and as always there is need for toys for the adolescents.

We will have a main meetup for lunch at Hale where the toys will be loaded into either Lornix's rig or mine for delivery to the LMCB

Meetups will happen at 9AM at the Guildford Mall White Spot for us in the Sur/Del/Rich/Van/New West/etc areas if you want to meet up there and then we will convoy out to the Sasquatch Inn at Morris Valey Road and Loughneed Highway, east of Mission for 11AM to hook up with the Valey people and those from the other areas up there, Maple Ridge/Mission etc.

Descriptions of the two host rigs, lornix has a bone stock JK Sahara Unlimited silver in colour and I'll be driving my white '89 beaten XJ with wheels that stick out a bit and is plastered with three decals.

Hope to have a great turnout from the lower mainland crew this WILL be a fun day rain or shine !

Lorne and Ken.
PM me or go to the BC Jeep Club Lower Mainland Toy Run November 15th 2009 Thread for more info.

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